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I’m a Summer and Fall kinda gal…I enjoy the things that those two season bring most of all…never had much love for the cold weather and the gray days and the chapped lips…but this morning I found myself looking out of the kitchen window at this gray day and longing for the day I’d see a few flurries out there (and wishing for a fireplace but that’s a different story)…I don’t really like winter…maybe it’s the cold or maybe because it feels like and ending to something…end of the summer, end of the year, end of life…but today I’m kinda looking forward to it, I’m putting my Christmas tree up this weekend and that’s always cheerful and makes the house feel warm and cozy…hmmm, maybe that’s it…maybe I’m longing for the cozy…those days when it’s too cold to do anything but curl up with a cup of spiced tea and a blanket and read a good book to my kids…or the cozy of Thanksgiving and Christmas and all it’s traditions…one of my fave cozy moments is Thanksgiving Day when the kids are piled on the couch with their Dad watching the parade on TV, I’m cooking in the kitchen and friends walking in the back door and the blast of cold air and then shutting out the cold and enjoying the warmth of the room and the warmth of the hearts….ahhh…maybe it’s the time together and the being close that makes me look forward to Winter…and how the cold drives us closer to one another, we snuggle more and…hmmm, this reminds me of something my pastor said last Sun.  “It is in the midst of pain that God most often and most clearly reveals His character to us”  If we think of seasons in terms of life, wouldn’t winter be the pain and the hurt and the hard stuff we have to go through..and this is when we should be snuggling with our Father…leaning on Him, resting…yes, resting…and preparing for the Spring when the new things inside us and outside in the world will start to grow…


Here’s a little photo montage of our day…they are usually non-stop, full tilt boogie til suppertime…but I’m sure there will be a day in my future when I actually say the words, “man I miss that busy chaotic time”…

Hope your Thursday’s have been happy…

Backing down my driveway I was shocked at the number of roses that had bloomed this week…(it is Oct. after all…) so when I came home I walked through my little garden and picked a few to bring inside…and all I could think was my sweet roses, (without any assistance from my hand lately, no extra fertilizer and pruning), woke up to the sunrise, and made this offering of thanks to their Creator…it seemed as though the bushes they grew on were standing just a bit taller, and reaching hands of thanks to God for His provision, His love… and they probably did all of this before I was up and going good. (shoot, I’d probably already even complained a little…)…oh what a lesson these roses taught me today…my waking shouldn’t be drudgery, my mornings shouldn’t be steeped in “don’t wanna” and “ugh, do I have to?” Instead, my mornings, my whole day even,  should be an offering of thanks for rest in a bed, roof over my head, the health of my children and family, the fact that I can walk into my kitchen and get clean water for coffee and even have a meal (not one but 3 a day) for myself and my children…that I have a husband who loves me, friends that pray for me, and a God that provides for me, and cares about my needs, ugly sinner that I am…but what do I offer…what do I offer in return for these amazing gifts?  I’m ashamed to even think about it…I want to be more like the roses…that even when the conditions aren’t ideal they offer their best…their desire is to give and to do what they have been created to do…reflect their Creator…

I was reminded of this song by Nicole Nordeman called My Offering…the lyrics are below…I will attempt to post a video or link to song…

If You made me like the grass that is green
Growing tall and covering the hills above me
Maybe I would pray for sunshine and a little rain
To fall now and then to make me lovely
I could be a place where sheep could graze
Or barefoot feet could play
And I would grow and grow and hope You’d bend down low
To hear me sing my offering

Open up the heavens, open up the sky
All of Your creation wants to testify
I have a song, so let the earth sing along
‘Cause I just want to praise You

If You made me to be a cloud in the sky
Found the perfect place way up high where I could hover
Maybe I would pray for skies that were blue
Or a sunset or two to show Your colors
Or maybe I might be
A mountain strong and steep
But I would try and stand as tall as I can
And I would sing my offering


And the sun every morning cannot wait to shine
And the stars every evening are all standing by to light the sky Give the rocks and the stones voices of their own If we forget to sing praises to our King

Hello, I’m a failed blogger. I want to put my random thoughts down on virtual paper and share them with the world…but clearly I fail at this. I am a mom and a wife and being those things doesn’t always allow me the time but also I don’t always manage my alloted time well…another fail! But, I resolve, once again, to be a better blogger…what? Was that a roaring cheer from a stadium sized crowd I just heard? I’m sure you’ve all been on pins and needles wondering if I’d ever blog again…well rest easy, breathe deep…I shall blog again! I shall share with the world, my parenting struggles, my homeschool joys and frustrations, my weird and goofy random thoughts, my dieting ups and downs, the thrills of victories and the agonies of defeats in my little world…and I will strive to do it more often and give God all the glory for all things in my little world.

model of my hometown created by Carl Thorp in 1976...

I love Tennessee…we have made a life and a home here for 17 years. We have relationships that we consider “family” here, we have a nice home, our children have good friends, and lots of opportunities here. I grew up in a small town in Louisiana and I know my children have more opportunities here than they would there, and I certainly have no intention of uprooting them right now, but sometimes I miss home. I miss the small town, and all that goes with that…I feel sad when I think there is nowhere for us to stay if we take a trip home. The home my grandparents built is in the hands of another owner now, and we have no house there to visit, but in my heart it will always be home.  The love I have for that home is different than the love I have for my current one…  It is where I grew up, where I learned to ride a bike, formed relationships, had my first kiss, learned to drive, got engaged and married, and first learned about Jesus…So there is part of me that longs to go back there and live…there is part of me that wants my children to have the love that I have for my hometown, and my youngest really has scarce memories of it now…its kinda heart breaking to me in a way…but then again, we are making memories for them here…they will look back on this home and hopefully have the same emotions that I have for my hometown…I’m not sure I will live in this house forever, or if I will ever move back home to Franklinton…hmm, maybe it’s the trying to hang onto youth, or the memories that makes “going home” so appealing…maybe the longing isn’t to live there as much as it is to re-live there…which we all know can’t happen…and yet still the longing is there…funny, I couldn’t wait to move away when I was younger, thinking I had to get out of that dead-end town…and how appealing a dead-end town is in this fast-paced crazy world today.  Home is where your heart is…I guess that’s true…my heart is here in TN, but it’s there in Franklinton too, that little town in the middle of nowhere where I grew up.

Got this in my email inbox this morning and I’m thinking it’s not a bad idea…my kids are constantly bickering with each other even while doing chores together…so instead of cleaning the kitchen together…it becomes a screaming match about how things are getting done…and who’s way is the right way…maybe doing something like this will help teach them what is really important about chores, about helping and about servanthood…I’m sure they will still fight and argue (especially about the fact that they have to be a servant alone) but maybe their hearts will start to change a little…

Parenting Tip
November 16, 2009
Servant For The Day
Children often compete with each other in order to be first or best. This tendency on the part of children comes from selfishness, a major roadblock to sibling harmony. The solution is to learn how to be a servant, but how do you convince a five-year-old or a twelve-year-old that being a servant is a valuable thing?

As parents we have to look for positive ways to frame the maturity issues that we know are best, but seem unreasonable to our children. In this case, you might try having a “Servant for the Day.” This child not only sets the table and takes out the trash but also gets some extra “Mommy time,” helps with dinner, and sits next to Dad during story time. Throughout the course of the day, Mom has an opportunity to talk about more subtle aspects of servanthood that involve how children talk, listen, and even think.

Take time to praise demonstrations of servanthood. One child may not get the first turn or the biggest piece, but he gets the praise of Mom for being the mature one. That’s a far more valuable reward.

Teaching children to be servants will promote harmony in your family. Becoming a servant will help children deal with the continual desire to build themselves up while putting others down. Learning servanthood is a way to honor others in the family and it brings honor back as well.

Who demonstrated servanthood recently in your family? How can you point that out and encourage it today?

For more practical ideas on developing honor in your family consider the book Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, in You and Your Kids by Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN.

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