So I’m slowing reading this book…At this particular time in my life I don’t have tons of time for reading…but I bought the Kindle version of this when it was on sale for my ibook ap on my iphone…it was a dollar and I thought (at the time) hmm, I’ll buy this, I might read it one day…well…I started reading it one day when I had time ALONE (a key word here) at the laundramat when our washing machine broke. I have been working my way through it ever since and I love it…now Neris and India do use a more colorful language than I might be used to BUT that being said I have laughed out loud, I have seen myself and my habits, and I have read some good advice and tips…so because of that and before I’ve finished it I’m gonna let y’all know about it…and recommend it…I’m thinking of getting a hard copy of it for the note sections and reference sections…here’s the link on Amazon